A “Serena Slam” Accomplished at Wimbledon

A “Serena Slam” Accomplished at Wimbledon

Amy Lignor


She admires Ali. Serena Williams also has a lot in common with the man, seeing as both can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Only difference is, Ali offered his killer ‘sting’ with those fists of his, while Serena KO’s all her competitors on the court. Which is exactly what she did at Wimbledon this weekend.


Tennis, Serena Williams, All England Club, Garbine Muguruza, "Serena Slam", U.S. OpenIt took a moment of hesitation for Serena to finally smile, being as that she missed the woman say: Game-Set-Match. But although the announcement may have been silent in Serena’s ears, it was not missed at all by her fans. Speaking at Wimbledon last year, after losing to Alize Cornet, Serena Williams stated: “I know I can do better.” This year, she proved that remark to be true.


It was Saturday at the All England Club, and Garbine Muguruza (a very promising tennis player in the 20th spot) stood across from the unbreakable Serena and did a fine job. Once Serena came back to herself, however, she brought forth that determination, that strength and, oh yes, that serve that literally goes faster than a speeding bullet at times. 6-4, 6-4 gave Williams her own “Serena Slam.” She has won four straight majors for the second time in her career, and is almost to the point where a Grand Slam can be claimed. When September comes around, Serena will defend her own title at the U.S. Open and, if successful, she will become the first player since Steffi Graf in 1988 to achieve the calendar-year Grand Slam.


Before looking ahead, however, watching her perform at Wimbledon was truly exciting. Not surprising, but Serena’s emotional game against her own sister, Venus, was incredible to watch. These are siblings who respect the game and each other, but the competition was certainly there as they looked down at the court instead of across the net at each other most of the time.


Saturday, Serena’s final roadblock was 21-year-old Muguruza, who very emotionally sat down in her chair after all was said and done and began to cry. Although disappointed, she certainly didn’t need to feel bad considering that, when it comes to Serena, losing finals is something she rarely does – no matter how old she gets, apparently. But Muguruza can be proud. After trailing 5-1 in the second, she made sure that Williams had to work for the win. The girl has a powerful serve and ground strokes that Serena has actually seen before – considering it was Muguruza who buried Serena at the French Open last year. And even though Williams raced to the 5-1 lead in the second set, Muguruza saved a match point at 5-3 with a forehand winner after Williams eked out of a 0-40 mess with a barrage of back-breaking serves.

Although her fans were everywhere cheering about the call of “Game-Set-Match,” Serena admitted that: “Garbine played so well, I didn’t even know it was over because she was fighting so hard.”


Well…it’s over. And even though Sunday came around and fan favorite Roger Federer did not join Serena in the Wimbledon winner’s circle, he, too, put a valiant effort on the court. Is Federer going to retire? Who knows? But as far as Serena is concerned, she is not done and will most definitely be on the courts to annoy all her competitors once again next year. But right now it’s on to the U.S. Open and achieving that Grand Slam victory.


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