The Ants in Seattle

The Ants in Seattle

~ Amy Lignor


If one holds a magnifying glass over an ant hill, you know what happens? Well…the sun’s rays head through the magnifying glass and the poor ants face an apocalyptic event that would make Tarantino proud to put up on screen. Hopefully, the ants would head inside; however,
they are busy workers, and they are gathering food and supplies for the wintertime. In other words…they’re dust, because they’re not all that bright.

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As the magnifying glass has been held over the Super Bowl champions, it seems that the Seattle Seahawks are experiencing the same nightmare. When the season began all anyone could talk about was the fact that the Seahawks would repeat…no trouble whatsoever. Yes, they believed that Manning would also take center stage once again, which he has, but that if he was meeting up with the Seahawks once again in the end, he would lose once again. Seems that is most definitely not going to happen. Manning may still lose if the Broncos are the AFC champions…but it won’t be to Seattle.


When dissension happens in the ranks, a team splits apart. The ants must constantly work together…and in Seattle’s case they should just WORK! The easiest way to increase dissension is the media, and the fact that even though no one seems to know how the heck they get their information, they always seem to have their own ‘Deep Throat’ that exposes the problems in a team’s locker room.


The Seahawks have gone from looking like bullies to looking like idiots. Apparently they believed their own press, and came into the season thinking they were above everyone else, only to see themselves fall…at home, no less! Now, they traded Percy Harvin – a player they actually need – to the New York Jets, a team that most definitely needs him! So, the Seahawks gave NY a gift.


First the claim was all on Percy’s shoulders; that he was angry because he wanted Seattle to use him more as a deep threat. But, soon enough, the Seahawks offensive coordinator came out to say, I have no idea what you’re talking about.


“I had many conversations with him about it, just about his role and the things that we would ask him to do, and he never articulated that to me. But he caught a deep ball in the Washington game; unfortunately it got called back.


The man also said: “I think we have a phenomenal atmosphere here. It’s led by coach (Pete) Carroll. I think he gives the guys great freedom to be who they want to be, and I think he kind of sets a tone for the whole program. It’s an upbeat program, obviously. We are very positive here. So it’s just disappointing.”


Phenomenal atmosphere? Upbeat and positive? Oh, right, marijuana is legal in Washington now. That has to be it. Every time the media comes out with a new Seahawks story, the players immediately backtrack everything they said and/or did and say everything’s just fine in their locker room. Apparently they believe that the fans are just that stupid. One person reported that Seattle running back Lynch was so upset that Percy was on his way to the Jets that he almost declined to get on the bus for the trip to St. Louis.


Immediately, receiver Doug Baldwin, said that report was inaccurate. Interesting…considering that it was just announced that Lynch would
no longer be with Seattle next year. He’s leaving. Perhaps it was something someone said? Hmmmm… God knows, the Jets could use him too.

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Baldwin also made complete sense when he spoke about the magnifying glass being on the team this year, simply because they are the defenders of the Lombardi trophy. However, when Chicago was defending, it was the ‘Super Bowl Shuffle’ they were worried about, not beating each other up. When the Niners won? Montana and Rice didn’t go after each other the next year in the media.


Baldwin stated: “I think the biggest problem we have in the media is that when you lose, everything is magnified. And when you win, everything is covered up. So that’s just the nature of this business. For us in this locker room, we know what needs to be corrected. We know what positives come out of everything and we are just going to move forward with that.” Nice speech, but no one is buying it.


The rumors out there are Harvin was traded because he fought teammates, pulled himself out of games, and wanted to basically boycott his own QB. The rumors stated that Harvin was the head of the mutiny against QB, Russell Wilson, and would take other players with him.

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Funny, considering that Wilson is the best player on the whole team at the moment. He scores, he runs, he passes, AND he talks nicely to the media. He has done his very best to squash rumors and has made his own teammates look good, when most likely they are anything but.


Now we come to the more disgusting part of Seattle, and that is the several interviews that were done with players who stated that Wilson (the best member of their team) is not ‘black enough’. Experts are saying this comment means that well-spoken African-Americans, like Wilson, are seen by some other African-Americans as not being completely ‘black’. What? Perhaps the teammates should be talking about how the heck they can do their job as well as Wilson is doing his, don’t you think? If they want to point a finger or blame someone for their losses and looking like a substandard team this year…they need to look in the mirror.


The Seahawks basically look like a group of brightly colored ants – with some working hard while others bask in the glow of the last Super Bowl. But they forget that they are staring at an apocalyptic event that will come not from the sun, but from their own big mouths that should stay closed while they learn how to win a game! Even Sherman must agree, considering the loudest mouth from last year has remained firmly shut.





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