Fads: Resurrected, Reborn, Renewed


Fads: Resurrected, Reborn, Renewed

~ Amy Lignor


It is great fun to see “lists.” Whether they be lists of the best, the newest, the oldest, the ones that became the worst over time – fads are one of the #1 things to read up on. The funny part is that there are a lot of fads throughout history that have been resurrected as of late. True. 2015 seems to have sparked a revolution, making antique malls out and “pickers” in. Example: Tag sales, yard sales, garage sales – you name it – everyone seems to be doing it. And there are other fads that you can find on lists from “bygone” ages that are most definitely found on the 10-Ten lists of today. They simply had a bit of a facelift to match the technology.


Take Top Ten Lists to begin. They were once fun. It was a cultural kook that became even greater when people like Letterman adding them to his show. The fad did eventually become boring and drifted away. Now…it’s back like a behemoth. Pinterest is behind resurrecting and rebirthing the Top Ten List, and it will continue to escalate.


There are those historical fads like sideburns that seemed to go away when “The King of Rock & Roll” no longer showed their masculine glory. The mullet took over for a time with Stamos and MacGyver. Nowadays, you can thank Duck Dynasty for bringing back the belief that hair on a man is the best thing possible. Of course, you also have to give a nod to the hockey players who literally believe that to win it all, you can NOT shave. (Although, bathing would be nice.)


Movies have changed, of course, throughout time. There was an age that loved their beach blanket musicals; there was an age that needed that sad-eyed boy that personified the rebel; and, of course, there was the age that if war was not spoken about or a sweeping epic did not grace the screen, then movies were lacking. Even 3-D was a hot topic that…drained quickly. Nowadays, it is the larger-than-life superhero that everyone wants to see. Yes, we have the spy’s coming out of the woodwork, with TV shows always coming to the big screen; from Mission: Impossible to now The Man from U.N.C.L.E. But this generation has called up the caped crusaders, the hammer-wielding gods, and the units that come together to fight for justice. They don’t have to sing, and the wars they fight are always won by the good guys. Reality certainly needs that.


In the world of music, fads went from records to tapes to the hot invention of CD’s to the realm of MTV. Now, the MTV station is a station of television shows, with barely a video to be found. Country has come back, big-time, even though most of the ones you see now don’t have a Stetson between them. Rock & Roll has crossed over into Country, and the new generation is just fine with that fact. And as far as the music devices are concerned, downloading from the Internet is the place to be. After all, you need that music to be mobile.


Television is one of the things that hasn’t changed all that much. Yes, there are the new fads. Zombies being a big one with “The Walking Dead.” There are far more horrific sights to be seen on TV and far less medical shows (thank you!) But the cops, of course, still reign. If you can turn to a station without a “Law & Order” repeat, a “CSI” marathon or an “NCIS” from somewhere, it is actually a miracle. What has come to TV is Netflix and the original shows that have people chomping at the bit for more.


The one thing that no one still understands, however, is fashion. Although some “looks” pop up every now and then, the constant wave of what to wear and how to wear it continues to turn as fast as the Colorado Rapids. Or, if looking back on bygone lists: as fast as Chubby Checkers used to “Twist!”




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