‘Love Thy Neighbor’ will be Tested

‘Love Thy Neighbor’ will be Tested

~ Samantha Lewis

According to reports collected, it was between 1820 and 1830 that the United States passed over the 10,000,000 point in human population. Makes you want to get out those colonial woodworking tools and candlelit lanterns, doesn’t it? And that was just the U.S.; the rest of the world is not included in these figures.


When it comes to the ‘increasing’ of human population as it pertains to the world, it was in the 1970s, during disco balls and horrifically bad clothing choices, when the entire globe actually peaked in total growth of human population. That was the peak…or, so people thought. After the ‘70s went the way of the do-do, countries like, Asia, Australia, even Europe, saw a decline when it came to their birth rates. Africa declined, as well, yet a bit slower than the rest of these countries. And what experts said is that Africa had and has a higher birth rate based on everything from economics to a need for birth control they simply cannot afford or do not have access to; as well as cultural influences on the ‘family’ unit. It is also important to note that even with all the changes, updates, and aid spread to other countries, the experts may not have been correct when they stated that the 21st century (with all its technology and fresh ideas), would help the birth rate even out.

One of the estimates that was published is the fact that by 2050, the world could see ten billion people moving about the planet. Thinking ahead of time, everything from the lack of food to water to suburban development and offering a place for all of the world’s population to live, is going to be a heck of a lot harder. We are already dealing with hardships from the U.S. to Europe to Africa, Germany, China, and so on. Healthcare is being worked on 24/7, with scientists trying to establish new cures, health aids, and more, in order for our elderly to live out longer lives. The environment has become a super huge industry, with habitats needing to be kept up and revitalized in order for the vegetation and animal populations to remain intact. Bringing back land for crops, has become an unbelievable necessity, with more real estate developers selling land to investors who wish to rejuvenate the land and not simply build upon it.


Now add on education. With more and more children being brought into the world, education needs to be looked at; governments need to find a way where the next generation will be able to go to school, get a degree, and become one of the ‘next’ experts who will bring longer life spans and better health to others.


In 2014, the forecast of an increase in global population brings forth the fact that for this to occur, family planning must begin. For those who are unaware, funding for family planning programs was cancelled in the United States during the very beginning of the 21st century. Yes, billions of dollars were placed into the fight against AIDS, thankfully, but out of those billions none of the money was required to be used to provide contraceptives. (This policy has since been reversed by the present administration).


According to surveys done by the United Nations, approximately 25% of women living in various countries, are still without contraception or the ability to receive family planning. And countries with the highest fertility rates also score the highest rates of girls not receiving an education. All of the data and information is out there for anyone who wishes to uncover the truth about the global population…that is still growing and will continue to bring about hardship for countries.


This incredible planet is something we all want to see succeed. Therefore, ‘Loving Thy Neighbor’ is a concept that needs to be brought back into circulation; helping those in need is a must if we’re to continue enjoying this planet, and allowing for the next generation to unearth, create and bring about even more positive changes in the future.



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