NFL Wrap Week 7: Breath Holding & Rivalries


NFL Wrap Week 7: Breath Holding & Rivalries

By Amy Lignor


When we began this Sunday morning, the “experts” stated that there were two games above all that would be a whole lot of fun to watch. End result? They were right…for a change.


NFL, Week 7, Amy's Angle, football highlightsBut first let us begin with our allies. Or a country we call our friends who may not be if we keep treating them this way. Over in London, the Buffalo Bills and old Rex Ryan (whose mouth was most likely hindering the flying of the plane), faced the Jaguars (a team that really doesn’t draw a whole lot of attention from people outside of Jacksonville.) Rex Ryan’s Bills looked good, made it a tight game, yet lost in the end anyway. In the locker room afterwards when giving his speech to the press, Ryan looked much like a small child stomping his feet as he whined, “We KNEW we could come back!” repeating this line three times before stating that the game should have been theirs. It will not be long before Londoners call up our always-beloved NFL Commissioner to say, “Stop yapping about deflated footballs and send two teams over here that we actually WANT to watch!”


Others over here on our gridirons involved the Colts versus the Saints: two teams with QB’s that are either not getting the help they need or just getting too much positive publicity without actually earning it (AKA: Luck). The Colts had to claw their way back after being 27 to zip. They made it to 27-21, but it really didn’t matter. Luck has left the building, if he was even in one, and Drew Brees has come alive.


The Packers and Denver Broncos were off this week. Aaron Rodgers rested and enjoyed the weather, while Peyton Manning most likely studied, studied and studied. Without his defense, it is more than apparent he’s not going to the Super Bowl, so he best find a way to get back his performance or pray that his defense stays healthy for the rest of the season.


The Steelers met up with the Chiefs and did not do well. They desperately need their Big Ben QB back, which should happen next week, because even though they’ve done as well as they could without their leader, this is just not going to work out.


The definition of the Cleveland Browns versus the Rams was: Fumble. Fumble. Fumble. Four turnovers on the day by the Browns allowed the Rams to walk away with a win. Todd Gurley did not wear his knee brace, and the lovely curls ran down his back as he smiled and hopped around a bit while being interviewed afterwards. Great game…now it’s off to the salon for a quick fix-up.


Bengals win on the simple fact that the Steelers and Browns both lost.


And get this. Miami, of all teams, beat their own franchise record by scoring 41 points in the first half. You mean all they needed was a younger coach who supports them by roaring like someone who just won a million dollars in Fantasy Football? Cool! It will be interesting to see them actually BEGIN a season with a win next time around.


When it came to Thursday night’s game, all Seattle proved was that their QB is still looking at getting himself killed. Even against one of the worst, if not the worst 49ers team since the First Christmas was held, QB Wilson was being hit all over the place. What did the 49ers prove? Get a new coach! And to QB Kap, everyone’s advice is to trade to a team that lets you do what you do well. Eagles anyone?


Now to the two “biggest” games that the experts called the most fun to watch:


Number 1: Brady and his undefeated Patriots going up against the much-improved offense and number one defense of the New York Jets. Offering a fumble almost right off the bat, the Jets handed the Patriots an early three-point victory. Then…they surprised them. It took the leader, Tom Brady, to start running the ball himself and jumping over the goal line for a TD to revive a team of receivers that seemed to be dropping more than catching. Best part of the game? Tom Brady and his best bud Gronk got that usual TD in the end, and shared a hug. Probably whispering in each other’s ear about how good their team was compared to the ‘haters.’ Pats are still on a roll, and if someone is going to beat them, it will be interesting to see who.


Number 2: Cowboys head to the Giants. The injury list on both teams seem to be higher in number than the actual players on the field. Cowboys coming off a bi-week; Giants coming off a heartbreaking defeat. Cowboys on a three game losing streak with a new QB, Matt Cassel. Tony Romo must be really tired of standing on the sidelines clapping his hands in encouragement, and whether fan or foe of the Cowboys, everyone knows that Romo needs to be on that field. Need a funny story? A Cowboy named Klutz tripped a Giants defender. Now that’s one that would make a great joke. People were angry out there on the field. Whether it was anger at each other or simply the fact that they have both lost way too many games, it was definitely a hard-hitting match-up that kept you glued to the TV. In the end, with the Redskins (who won, by the way), the Giants, the Eagles and the Cowboys…it is that NFC division that will be a Game of Thrones-like battle to the very end.


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