T.B. Now on Target to Throw T.D.’s for Pats


T.B. Now on Target to Throw T.D.’s for Pats

~ by Amy Lignor


Silly title for an article? Titles must equal the article news itself: therefore, this is actually quite perfect. Not to diminish what Patriots fans have been going through, whatsoever. This is actually to diminish what a league Commissioner attempted to do and, at least for now

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New England Patriots at Washington Redskins 08/28/09

(just for now, unfortunately for the rest of us). Roger Goodell walked away from the Tom Brady Deflategate a loser. And, oddly enough, walked in as one when looking at the fact that all the last few cases he has spear-headed have gone the player’s way.


But, looking back, this has to be about the silliest. Deflated footballs found in the first half of a game where the score end was 45-7 and a QB being accused of messing with the footballs to improve his team’s chance of winning – a QB who then actually scored more and played better in the second half when the footballs were supposedly fixed. Looking at the ‘Gate’ that way, it is crystal clear that Watergate will never have a rival in the NFL when it comes to important news.


Statements covered the press for the last few days, putting all else news on sports channels, at least, in the background, when it was announced that the ‘good guy’ of football won. Perhaps not with the horrific zombie picture of him being drawn in the courtroom, but at least Brady had a sense of humor about that.


No humor on Friday when he issued a statement regarding his happiness for the win, but also for that huge disappointment to all fans, players and even coaches and owners that this ridiculous Deflategate introduced.


Brady said: “While I am pleased to be eligible to play, I am sorry our league had to endure this…. I don’t think it has been good for our sport—to a large degree, we have all lost.”


In other words, it’s a good thing Goodell is not head of tennis. Think about it: This is one of those people who would most likely express that Serena’s racket strings are too tight and try to embarrass her in front of her sports community.


U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman vacated the four-game suspension of Brady’s that was on the table, and even was kind enough to write a many-page report explaining his findings. Instead of what most would have done and simply said: “Get out of my courtroom. This is dumb.” (Of course, in better legalese than that.)


The NFL immediately appealed the decision (shocker). Goodell stated that the league is appealing Berman’s ruling: “in order to uphold the collectively-bargained responsibility to protect the integrity of the game.” Which basically means he is all for continuing to muddy the integrity of the game by moving forward. Instead of going quietly into that goodnight, Goodell is going to pound this with a hammer until we all want him to vacate his position and be suspended indefinitely. Just in case there are still others out there who do not already feel this way.


Brady did issue an apology as well: “I am sorry to anyone whose feelings I may have hurt as I have tried to work to resolve this situation. I love the NFL. It is a privilege to be a member of the NFL community and I will always try to do my best in representing my team and the league in a way that would make all members of this community proud.”


Brady is looking forward to the season and hopes that all eyes will be turned on the game and not have to deal with this anymore. His coach? As always, his coach said: Let’s play. He doesn’t have a comment about this, he really does just want to play the game.


In addition, Brady has the support of the head presidential candidate thus far: Donald Trump. Trump has stuck to many facts, one being that he admires Brady.


Does Tom want to “make America great again” as Trump says in his slogan? Seems so. Perhaps we can have some more fun and Trump, if presidential fame falls flat, runs for NFL Commissioner and Brady runs for President. Now THAT would be news!


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