The Real Stars May Just Be On the NCAA Court


The Real Stars May Just Be On the NCAA Court

by Amy Lignor


Everyone talks about LeBron James retiring. They discuss Kobe Bryant every minute of the day. Steph Curry and his 3-point magic is called out by ESPN constantly. Now, talk of the All-Star Game is all the rage – even if it matters not one iota in the big picture. But what UConn, NCAA women's basketball, Geno Auriemma, winning streakmany are slowly talking about, and should be, is a college women’s basketball team that seems to have been the “best of the best” since a bright star shone in the sky one “divine” night.


Now, we all know that college (hopefully for most), is four years and out. The graduation cap and gown ceremony is held and life moves on. But for one team it seems like every single year the freshman walking through the school doors are exactly like the seniors walking out when it comes to their skills on the basketball court.


Perhaps it’s something in Connecticut’s water supply, but the ladies of UConn have now beat Temple 85-60 to give the Huskies’ their 61st straight win. UConn hasn’t actually lost to Temple since the 1981-82 season, so this comes as no real shock. However, this win does come after beating No. 2 South Carolina and handing them their first loss of the season, 66-54.


No matter how much research you do in regards to the UConn Huskies NCAA women’s team, the list of wins, championships, incredible games, and absolute basketball “stars” that came out of their program is endless. Currently a part of the American Athletic Conference, which is the successor to the Big East Conference, this team has accumulated 10 NCAA Division I national championships and, in less stellar years, have still advanced to the 16 Final Fours and won 40+ Big East/AAC regular season and tournament championships. And when you talk about fan participation, this is the team that has led in basketball attendance, and graduated not only Olympians but also WNBA All-Stars.


For those that follow the basketball world, there are other big names engrossed in the NCAA, but it is the UConn Huskies that can claim the longest win streak in college basketball history at 90 games. Going 39-0 (2008–09) and capping it off by winning the school’s 6th national championship, they came back in 2009–10 to do it all over again, snagging their 7th national title.


It’s not just UConn fans who see the brilliance of this team. It was Sports Illustrated, when selecting the top 25 sports franchises of the decade that picked the women as number three on their list. Considering four professional sports (NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL), along with three college sports, it was only the NFL’s Patriots and NBA’s Lakers that scored higher than the college’s glowing basketball team. And with their alumni moving easily into stardom, it is no wonder that UConn is a staple in the sports world and a must-see college prospect for basketball players, fans and wannabes.


Head Coach Geno Auriemma has been behind almost all of the UConn women’s glory. And when you ask what he’s done for them lately? They are currently, yet again, going through an undefeated season and have now placed their 61st win on the books. Will they be able to hit a historic 91-game winning streak before this is all over? We shall see.


Even the All-Stars LeBron, Kobe and Steph, all together, haven’t reached that point yet.



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